Jumpthru platform disable only for one instance

Is there a way to disable the Jumpthru platform behavior for just one instance? taking into account that in my project the enemies and the player can use this type of platform to go up and down, so that if I deactivate the behavior of the platform, all the objects that are on top of it go down, I cannot choose which one goes down and which does not go down.

If the player wants to go down I can disable the platform behavior of the enemies that are on the platform. This would be a half solution because enemies can’t go down or up while the player is doing this, the same upside down if an enemy is going up or down the player could not do it

I don’t think you can’t do that for one instance of an object. It’s either all or none.

A workaround would be to make a copy of the platform object, but without the platform behaviour. When you want to turn off the platform behaviour, simply create an instance of the copy sprite at the same spot, and delete the one instance of the original platform.

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You would need to add an object variable of “Disable” or something similar, and set it to true/false.

Then you would have an event with a condition to check if that Object Variable = True, and that the behavior is enabled, then disable the platform behavior as an action.

You’d need a similar one to enable it, with inverse conditions, basically.

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I have chosen to use a copy for each object, one object has the platform mask and the other object has the damage mask.

What I do is change the animation for another that look the same but with another mask that allows me to lower the jumpthru platform for just a moment later through an alarm event to put the previous animation back to manage the landing. It works great and it’s managed without affect to the rest instances with platform behaviour.

The idea of having two duplicate objects is because when going down a platform I use a sprite with a practically non-existent mask, so during that moment the collisions due to damage would not be detected correctly. With this second object I manage collisions by damage.

By the way it would be useful to be able to disable the mask of a sprite as an action, I have made a mask of a single pixel since I have not been able to remove the mask