Just a noob developer here

Hi. I’m RicoTrooper.
I’m just a developer learning how to use GDevelop. I first found GDevelop on the search engine in search of alternate for Game Maker (which is a very hard to use game making software). When I found out that this is an open source software and very easy to use, I give it a try to make one and joined this forum.

My first aim was to make a tabletop RPG with automated battles (with random damages and stuff). TBH, this first aim was a hard one… 'cause I have to make account storage possible ( with passwords on it), game resources regen every 3 seconds, and a global timer that ticks even though the game is not active (probably basing things on the real time clock).

Anyway, I just came up on making a similar game like “Ask Guru Joe” thing… which was currently under development by me. So, I ask a lot on the help section of the forum on how to crack things up 'cause I know nothing about game programming language and stuff.

I hope that this forum might help me a lot in terms of making the games I had in mind to be possible. Nice meeting you, guys…

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome again! :laughing: