Just wanted to say

… I like the new look to GDevelop 5.1.153. It’s crisper and easier to see at a glance what tab has focus, where the buttons are, and the icons give it the feel of a more serious product.

And making the enter key to validate changes is a great improvement. I’ve lost count of the number of times I had to put money in the curse jar because I hit enter then started typing and had the text entered in the wrong parameter.

They may be small things, but they make the user experience just that much better. Keep up the great work :smiley:


Hello your message has been forwarded to the devs, you can be sure they will be so pleased.

Not in my opinion
but we’ll get used to it, maybe before it’s changed again :slight_smile:

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Even looking at the two strips in your post, I’m more drawn to the bottom one because the higher contrast of the border around the tab attracts the eye.


Agree with you on that one (as a person with poor eyesight, the new menu make it more difficult for me).

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