Just wanted to share some ideas for speeding up editing

Not sure if anyone else encounters this but I found a way to spped up production if you have a lot of lines to edit. To change multiple lnes of URLs in Gdevelop, or variable names or whatever, open up the JSON file for your game in notepad++ cut out only the part that contains the lines you want changed and paste them in a new file, run Replace and replace all words with what you want, then select all and paste it back into the JSON file and Save it. If you do this in normal Notepad make sure you select all files at the bottom and put .json at the end or it will corrupt your file. Now similar to that if you want to change multiple file names at one time you can use Command Prompt, cmd in the search bar of your computer, by typing this: first do: cd c:\Users\User\folder to access the folder you want to change the file in, then type: ren value*.* changedvalue*.* and hit Enter and your done! Similarily, if you need to change one line of code in multiple files you can use Notepad++ and use Search–Find in File and it will replace whatever you want in every file of the directory you choose! Just thought I would help everyone out, I know this saved me a whole mess load of time otherwise I would have spent hours replacing the line level1 with level2 and so on and so on.

Just using my knowledge to help contribute back, thanks everyone for checking out my post!
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You can also open yougame.json from GDevelop project with Notepad++ and do Search & Replace.
Or in my case as i have a lot of external i use http://brackets.io but is closing soon.

Other software i use regulary is GrepWin this is one of the must have for every developer, search and replace inside the entire project.

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