Keep momentum trough Portals

So im trying to create a game where you use portals to get from point a to point b. Similar to the game “Portal” and “Portal 2” I have the portals already done. Is it possible to keep the momentum when going trough the portals? Like you fall into a portal with speed X and leave the other portal with speed X?
Thanks in advance!

How are you moving the characters? Via a behaviour (top-down, platform, physics…), by events that update the position, or some other method?

Since im new to Gdevelop I just used the “Platformer Character” behavior. But I guess I could Change that if I need to!

Hi, yep that’s possible, I think you just need to make sure the portals are above / below the ground so the player character doesn’t “land” on the ground.
Then Use change position and it -should- keep the momentum

Alright, Im going to try that! Thanks!