Keep object animation separated from object Direction


My reason is to request this feature is this:on my object I’m using a walk left,right,up,down…etc animation.I also would like to rotate the object to test if my object is rotated toward an other object and able to see that object.But if I rotate the object,the animation also rotates which is makes sense but cause problems in this case because I don’t want my animation to be rotated only the object.

So if we could choose to keep animation direction separated from object actual direction,that can be useful. :slight_smile:

This seems like a very weird situation. Can you explain in pictures why you want things to be like this? Anyway, you can keep them separate if you have another sprite along for the ride, which is linked to your animated object. You can use this sprite to store the rotation of the animated object, without the animated object ever having to rotate.


Thanks for your advice.

Yes it is possible to solve several ways,the way I do is that,I use two objects,one that plays the animation and move and one that invisible and keep the position of animated object and change direction relating to animation.

I can’t really explain in pictures,the point is that, if my object plays the walk left or look left animation,I also want the object direction to be rotated to left side.If it plays the walk right or look right animation I want the object direction to be rotated to the right side,so I can test if the object is rotated toward to enemy or door when it plays the specified animation.

But if I change the object direction,the animation,the sprite direction also changes,but I don’t need that in this case.I want to rotate only the object not the sprite,the sprite plays animation don’t have to actually change direction or rotate because it “animate” the direction.

It easy to solve the problem not a big deal,but I think it can be more convenient,elegant If we can select if the sprite (animation) follow object direction,rotation or don’t.

Only a suggestion to have a simple options to select after animation speed and animation loop.