Keep the camera stoped if character is stopped

Hello everybody.

I am trying to put an obstacle in my game, I have tried the following, but when the character collides with obstacle it doesn’t move (that was that I want), but the camera is still moving, although I have made the camera follow the object.

In addition of this I have made a Text Field that shows me the character coordinates, the character is not moving, but the coordinates change.

What’s camera 1920? Remove this, or set it to 0.

Thank you, I have set it to 0, but unfortunately I still have the same problem.


Can you explain what you mean by the camera is still moving, but the character isn’t? Because if the character co-ordinates are changing, then the character is moving.

Hi again. The problem was the character was stopped but their coordinates were changing (Certainly I don’t know why), because I try to put a text that reveals me the coordinates. I don’t know what happened. I deleted the character and create it again and it seems to be fixed.

Thank you for your hlp