Knight party[ENGLISH]

Hi all, so i’m here to present the new game i made. Actually i’m french and i post in french community. I post here just to let know my game to english community :wink: .

This is an endless plateformer game :smiling_imp:
There is no real story. You’re a knight and you have to survive and make the best score. At each level you lose life, we must not forget to eat apple to gain life :sunglasses:. You are dead if you touch the missile. Yes there are missiles in a game with a knight o. Why not? :wink:

Levels are generated randomly. I put the option of saving their score by entering name for a ranking of the 3 best scores. At the moment the number of levels is 7. Well it’s still just a prototype.

One more thing, it would be helpfull if someone can verify that the ranking working ^^.

So I’m looking forward to your feedbacks for bugs, for things to improve etc …

link :
Have fun :slight_smile: