Know how to keep a timer between scenes?

Hello. I found a helpful video on making timers but I need to keep it going between scenes. I found other topics but they were from an older version of GDevelop that’s obsolete. So I made a speedrun timer that works fine based on the video I’ll provide. I need the timer to run between scenes BUT reset when the character collides with the bottom of the map.

Also… (I don’t think is too far off from what I’m doing)…
I need to make a UI item that shows what level (scene) the player is on. Is there a way to automate this so I don’t have to create a new text object for every scene? This would also reset when the character hits the bottom of the map and goes back to level 1

Thank you!!

Mentioned video: Better Timer in GDevelop - YouTube

To take a timer to another scene, you can save/load it into a global variable.

If you right-click on an object, you can make it a global object.

although the original poster is disappear, I would be curious how can you load back value to a timer from a variable :open_mouth:

Ya he should increase the global variable by +1 with a 1 sec. timer.

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ah. good idea. :+1: I would not have come to mind

Sorry. I’ve been trying to figure this out. I did like you said by right clicking the text object. I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to turn into a global variable. I tried many string to global, value to global… but in the debugger the global variable for the timer never changes from zero. I also don’t know how i’d call the variable into a new scene and continue the timer from where it left off. I can add pause timer to the scene change box and then resume at beginning of new scene. The funny thing is that I managed to figure out how to do the level counter using global variables but can’t figure this out. I’ll upload an image of what I have for the timer. Thank you again.