Kooyu - endless adventure is live on Google play

Kooyu - endless adventure is live on Google play

Please play and share your reviews on Google Play
We are proud and happy to announcement that our new game is live on google play

game made with GDEVELOP
we are using Gdevelop as an primary engine for 2D games, it is best engine.

Kooyu - Endless Adventure, Tapping game

Kooyu is an endless adventure, tap-tap game. Fly high with the ultimate bird adventure! In this thrilling game, take control of your favorite bird and soar through the skies, berries and power-ups while avoiding obstacles. With intuitive controls, stunning graphics, and addictive gameplay, Bird Game is the perfect choice for casual gamers and bird enthusiasts alike
Dive into the wonderful verse of Kooyu.


I’m sharing this on our social media tomorrow!
Very nice graphic style!

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@Bouh Thank you! it means lot :smiley:
we are looking forward for it

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Hi, I find the game art really nice. However, I can’t play the game, it says it isn’t available where I live. Were there country restrictions when the game was released??

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Hello! @Shahd34 , thank you!
Which country you are from? We have released in almost all countries, expect very few unselected.

Tell us which country you are viewing the game. We will make sure to allow the country in our coming updates.

Thank you!

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It is Egypt.
Thanks for responding!

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@Shahd34 Egypt must be added, We will definitely add it as available country in coming update. Thank you!

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