Ladder climb malfunction

My ladder is only working in my first scene. I’ve tried the space key, up key, arrow key, but in my second level it just won’t let me go up the ladder. How do I fix this?

Are you using a global object, or have you created a new ladder object for scene 2? If it’s a new object, make sure you’ve added the platform behavior, selecting ladder as the platform type.

i added a new object but i added the behavior and type

If you are using the same image for over multiple scenes, I’d recommend you make the sprite a global object (click on the 3 vetical dots beside the sprite, and select the “Set as Global Object”). Then you can use the already working ladder sprite in scene 2 without having to recreate it.

Note, you will need to delete the existing ladder sprite from scene 2 first.

Now, how are you moving the player? Is it using platform behaviour and default controls? Or some other way?

its platform default

Have you made it a global object? Did that make a difference?

it did not make a difference

You did select the platform behaviour as ladder right? not just platform or jumpthru. otherwise your character in 2nd lvl hasn’t platformer behaviour or it is event conflict

To confirm I understand it properly, you have a ladder object that works in Scene 1. You’ve made it into a Global Object and it still works in Scene 1. But that Global ladder object doesn’t work when you use it in scene 2? Is this correct?

yes ;-; that is correct

yes i added the ladder sub-behavior

And scene 2 only has 1 ladder object?

yes only one ;-; idk how to fix it

Care to share your project? Zip it up, put it on a fileserver and share the link (post it here or PM me). I’ll download it and check it out to see what’s going on.

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Sorry, I’m really paranoid of my work being stolen. I will PM you

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There’s not much chance of that here - most of us are pre-occupied with our own game which, in our own opinions, is better than any one elses :). And most of us are far more interested in helping someone to see their game succeed than stab them in the back.

But I understand your concern. PM when you’re ready.

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Haha, I have to ‘waste’ a post and comment. Soooooo good, sooooo funny, sooooo true.