Ladder glitch help pls

From what I can gather, the player can be not moving on the ladder, which is also the same state as being idle, causing the animation to flicker between the two states.

I suggest you add at least one other condition for idle, like Is on platform or Is not on ladder.

didnt work, can u just show me code i can copy?

No, because I don’t have any events for it. Part of programming is working out what’s going wrong, not getting others to do the work for you.

I suggest you go old school; in each event where you change animation, also include a log to console action to identify what the event is (even if you just use something like “event 1”, “event 2” etc). Then run your game with debugger, and get it to the point where it glitches. Now look at what the console output shows. It’ll tell you what events are being triggered, and then you’ll need to figure out what changes need to be made to the conditions.

Log messages to the console like this:

And to see the console output, click the highlighted icon when running the game preview with debugger:


i forgot i even made this reply and i figured this out many days ago lol, looking back on this though, u were right, thx :slight_smile: