LAN Preview not displaying textures correctly on assets in the scene

How do I…

I am trying to use the Wifi/Lan live preview to test my game on the target device (mobile)

What is the expected result

When launching the game from a generated playable link, all the assets are showing up correctly, as seen in the screenshots [edit: I can’t attach the screenshots because I’m a new user :stuck_out_tongue: ). When I launch the game from the GDevelop app on a mobile device, it also previews correctly.

This is the expected result when I try to use live preview. I am working on the responsiveness of the app, which requires a lot of rapid testing on multiple devices.

What is the actual result

When loading the game through wifi/lan preview on a mobile device, all the assets show up as pink boxes. The objects and events are otherwise behaving as expected, but the textures are not loading. This makes it very difficult to test.

It should be noted that I:
Left the test device running for an extended time (I thought maybe the textures were not loaded yet)
Made sure I am on the same WiFi
Tried multiple ‘building’ devices (laptops)
Tried multiple ‘testing’ devices (different types of android phones)

Am I missing some export settings? I could not find anyone with the same issue on the forums. Any help or ideas are appreciated! :slight_smile:

Related screenshots

Here is the screenshot of the result with LAN/wifi preview

What I hope to see on the screen:

you may want put this into the bug report section