Landing Animation FSM

I’m trying to make a landing animation,
But when i Set up all the animations, it plays the landing animation when I jump,
So i’m a little lost with it, and can’t figure out how to make it work properly

After rereading your events, you are close to having a proper FSM, but your transitions all conflict with one another.

As an example, right now your logic is set as such that being in the right direction can try to transition to crouch or walking animations, since both sets can of conditions can be valid at the same time.

If you always want to transition to landing before anything else, the conditions need to be isolated to ONLY allow to transition to landing. Then the landing state will transition to the other states.

You can’t have an option to transition to something other than landing unless it has conditions that make them exclusive from one another, which I’m not currently seeing in your events.

Will this ever get actioned? How can the player be falling and on the floor simultaneously?