Large amount of JS files in export

My exported game has 239 js files. What’s up with that? Surely there must be some way for Gdevelop to concat some of these files and possibly improve loading performance as a bonus. Along with the lack of an exported sprite atlas, this is really hindering my ability to create my 2D RPG I’ve been working on all year as it must stay under the 1000 file limit on itch.

As far as I am aware it’s explicitly for performance reasons that there are separate JS files. For HTML builds you are going to have a js file for every scene and extension, so it doesn’t load unnecessary code.

For desktop/APK builds, those files get packaged into a resource file (which isn’t something easily loaded on a pure HTML build).

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I see it is on the roadmap from 2019 initially, and I I have just tried arthuro555’s GDExport tool listed in that roadmap item but the game export from that is crashing from the health extension.

Oh well, I guess it is what it is…