Late coin sound


I made the platformer tutorial… when you take the coin, there is a sound.

For some reason, this sound is delayed with what feels like an eternity, but is really about 1 sek. I tried to move the ‘play sound’-action up, so it should play even before the coin is destroyed. I checked that it is not the sound file it self that was late, but it was not.

Any way to control this, or is it a bug in my browser?

On load of the screen I have music that starts to play. This should be very soft in the background, but I don’t really hear that much of a difference when putting in a smaller number for turning the volume down.

Is there anywhere I can change the keys used in platform-automation? So I could jump/shift-key to something different?


It might be the browser loading the sound for the first time.

Deactivate default control from the platform automatism configuration. Then, use the actions “Simulate a press on …” from the Platform automatism category.

You are propably right

The first time the sound is about 1 second late. This is better with the 3. coin I take, but still about 0.5 sec late.

I think GD should either stream sounds or load all the sounds during preloading, then cache them. That’d solve this issue.

Let me ressurect this post…

The same is happening with me. The game sounds are not preloaded, it seems that GD is loading the audio “on the fly”. That’s not a big problem when playing locally, but it becames a serious issue on web based games.

You can play all the sound you need at the beginning of the game with a volume set to 0. That should trigger the loading of sounds by the browser :slight_smile:

Thank you, 4ian!
Il est un grand honneur pour moi de recevoir de l’aide directement de vous.
Merci beaucoup pour la création de l’étonnant GDevelop!
(Et je suis très désolé pour mes terribles “Google Translator” français).