Latest Version Problem

I have just updated my GDevelop program for the first time since I installed back in 2020. I had V5 and all was great. Having updated to latest version, many features do not work. Particularly cursor/touch condition is not recognised. I have had to revert back to previous version.
Any advice?

Colin R

You could make a clone of the json and leave the original as a backup, then open the copy and try to make it work with the latest version (replace old conditions and actions with their new variants) but if that doesn’t work you can delete that copy and stay with your backed Up one. As for downgrading, I do not think GDevelop natively allows that.

Others may correct me.

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Thanks, I have hundreds of conditions and actions that do not work, so I’m not going to try and fix my game just because the update doesn’t work. I’ll have to stick with v5.0.0. Just wondered why this issue has happened, and if anyone else has experienced it?

Hmmm… Multitouch had a change a while back, but it was new actions, not removal of old ones.

I went through a bunch of my old projects that use mouse input (projects which I haven’t touched since b89) and they are all still working fine.

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this, so I can’t say why it’d be specific to your project.