Layer and Camera Kerfuffle (SOLVED!)

Ok, I need some serious help with this, I’ve been trying to solve this issue for a while now. What I’m trying to do is make it so the camera will follow the player (which is on the base layer) and stop when it reaches the end of the walls. But there is a issue, the walls (which is on another layer) isn’t in the correct place. I make the camera zoom in 4 times at the beginning of the scene and it only works when the walls are on the base layer. So I was trying to think what does the base layer have that the walls layer doesn’t. Any ideas? Let me know if you need any information.

You need to center the camera on the player on the base layer and center the camera on the player on the walls layer.

In your camera centering event:

NO CONDITIONS --> Center the camera on Character1 (layer: , camera: )
                  Center the camera on Character1 (layer: "Wall", camera: )

Keep the limits the same. I had this same issue in my games, and this solved it.

Basically here’s the rule of thumb:

If it needs to move relative to something else (like a player), then add another centering action. If it is a layer like UI that shouldn’t move, don’t add a centering action.

Alternatively, your Change the X/Y position of the camera (layer: "Wall") set to ... events may be breaking it somehow, although I doubt it.

That was just an “attempt” at fixing it but your advice did work, thanks!!!

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