Layered image slows down performance on Web Exported game


I made a shooting game, and it runs well on “Preview” mode but it’s really slow on “Web Exported”. I made a simple test game to narrow down the problem. It has a Base layer and a tiled image placed on the Base layer. And several UI texts on UI layer along with Player image. On “Preview” mode, the Player fires bullets really fast but not on “Web Exported”. Really slow!

It works much better with reasonably faster bullet firings on “Web Exported” if I remove the tiled image on the Base layer. I also tried to reduce the size of the layered image by compressing it but no difference.

I am attaching the test game files for your reference.

Download the test game files

One thing that can make game s run slowly are effects. Do you have effects on any of the layers, and if so, what are they?

I do not have any effects on the Base Layer.
I just have one image file on the Base Layer, and it’s causing the lag.
It’s a simple test file. You can take a look by downloading the attached files.