Leaderboard database doesn't work

Hey all,

I followed this tutorial to make a database for a leaderboard :
Online High Scores [GDevelop wiki] (compilgames.net)

But i didnt follow the steps i colored red in this picture. Because my website hosting doesnt allow me to make my own database name. Instead it’s a preprogrammed name like md2873773db838383 (example). So the “user” name is the same as the databasename.
And the hoster suggested to just skip those lines.

But after that i did everything how it’s described in the tutorial. But nothing is working, even if i change the database login in the php pages the website is still blank. And wont even show the error messasges that the database isnt connected.

How i set it up :

Update leaderboard :

Leaderboard :

Database setup :

Post action GDEVELOP :

So what did i do wrong? And how can i change this. I really appriciete your help. This is a function i really need in my game. I tried everything but i wont come closer to a solution. So i hope that i can find a solution here.

Summary :

  • Leaderboard doesnt show.
  • Gdevelop doesnt write the variables to the database.
  • And i have a feeling that the database isnt connected at all. But there isnt a error message in the php page.
  • leaderboardpage is also blank.

Your request action probably has a field to store error messages.
Also, you colored the part that says you need to create a user called “update”. This is probably mandatory, don’t you think?

I never tried this leaderboard thing, so I can’t help more than that.
Did you consider using the new Firebase tools?

I heard about firebase in other topics. Where can i find this?

There’s a wiki page and an example project.