Leaderboard not displaying on mobile

I exported my game as APK

Now when you press Records the leaderboard should open but it just shows the loader and it doesn’t open.

The score is saved and is displayed on the leaderboard when I open it on Desktop and in the GDevelop project manager but in the mobile export not

Anybody else with same issue?

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same here, cannot use leaderboard from apk.
I have the same issue using the action “Open an authentication window” as well.

If anyone doesn’t have that problem could you please share how you implemented the leaderboard

My app started to work yesterday without any change to the code. Maybe a temporary problem.

I have the same problem today with my game.
Leaderboards open fine on game preview but not on the apk.

Edit: works fine a few minutes later…

Edit2: got the same problem again today as well as my friends… It seems that switch air plane mode on/off solves the problem… Any idea ?

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