Leaderboard reset doesn't work anymore

Hello guys, i made a game with a leaderboard from liluo and i reseted it a
few times and it seems like it get stuck, it is a Bug or someting? i have 2 leaderboards and both are unavaible to reset. Thanks. We are in 25.09.2022.

Hi @naka9
Can you share with us a link to your game or something that I can share with the dev to identify your game, please?

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Sure, this is a link: Liluo game build . Thanks for fast response.

Hi @naka9
An error occurred when resetting your leaderboards.

Can you send me the ids of your stale leaderboards? You can find their ids in the leaderboard admin.
All the leaderboards you had problem with are for the same game?

Just a note on the build you sent: it looks like you’re sending a score to your leaderboards for each frame, you probably didn’t use the “trigger once” condition, we recommend you use it to avoid sending too much data to our servers.