Legend of Belgo Demo - would love feedback

Hi I made a demo for my latest game! Right now it’s basically a dungeon crawler. I plan to turn it into more of an action rpg where you can explore more of the the world around the dungeons. I would love to hear some feedback.

I’m also curious to know if anyone can beat it or if it’s too hard.

Also the 3rd level, the ice temple, is a little laggy. I don’t know why, but if anyone has suggestions for making it more smooth please let me know. All the rooms in that temple are in one scene. Could it be lagging because there are too many objects in the scene?

I will try to play more, i think that falling in the hole just just hurt you not kill you, but that is just mean, sound is good and music, game plays well over all, and i want to see more, good job.

Thanks Matt! I wrote all the music. I think I will change the music for the temples, though.

Yeah, I could make it so if you fall in a hole you go back to whatever door you entered in the room but that might be kind of hard to do.

I think that it would work out nice, if you just jump back to the square behind you, or at the start of the room either one,

Very good. But:
Make the normal control WASD and etc.
There is no the training about control. And you should make the interact through keys on the keyboard like E, Q, R, F instead click on the monitor by mouse. You can make the changing animation if the player ready to interact with items. Like:
Make Fullscreen, pls. And are you sure that the game will work well on the different monitors?

The game is very good, really. I see you spent a lot of time for this game.