Lesson learned, don´t save projects in the same folder Gdevelop is

So some weeks I ago I posted here that I had lost my files, luckily I had an online backup but still had to work to recover my lost progress (it took me a couple of weeks because I got stuck in something).

Anyway, it happened again today where I was just in the final phase of my game and with the update of Gdevelop, so with the update, a lot of files are replaced obviously, and I had my game folder in the same folder Gdevelop is (but a separate folder nonetheless).

Well, I lost it again, I had an online backup again but it would set me back a couple of weeks, but at least I know what to do step by step, so I´ll get to back to it.

I learned the lesson and I´ll save both on a different folder and on the cloud!!


Sorry for your loss.
Also thanks for the warning it is a good one.

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I seen like 2 months ago user with exact same story as you on gdevelop discord

I think we should ask for actual warning when saving project NOT to save in gdevelop folder


Thanks, luckily I´m almost getting to the point where I was and faster again.


Yeah, it would help especially for bigger projects than mine, my game is not that big but if it was, I would feel so down to keep working, that´s why I always back up and now I´m slowly getting to the point where I was.

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I have been saving in Gdevlop project files, why is it wrong?

It has happened to me recently. I have saved the progress in another file inside the GDevelop folder because I didn’t know if I would keep the recent changes or go back to before. Well… The same was saved in the new file and in the previous one.