Lettrage Gameplay

Very quick gameplay vid with a narrator explaining a few of the game mechanics. Was a work in progress vid recorded a few months back. I just added the narration today but the video is a little dated. At least the health bars are a bit better now, if nothing much else. I might update this thread with a few videos in the coming weeks as I’m trying to knuckle down and at least finish the first 2 enemy characters.

In this round, the protagonist is supposed to be battling an evil version of himself in a nightmare he’s having about going to the Lettrage Tournament. Long story.

(In reality, it was just an easier way for me to test the computer AI’s ability to move and spell words, by using the exact same character animations, but with different shading for the enemy. This part of the story hit me later :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )


This looks amazing, and like it would be complex to create.

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