Level complete and score

Hii y’alll so i’m having difficulty in creating a level complete scene and to display the score of that player helpp hehehe, is there someone that done this already?

to be more specific: there are 3 questions on one level , for example the player did not answer the first question correctly and the following questions are correct, he will see on the level complete scene that he failed that question and also he’ll see the two questions he had got correct


Hello, athena!

If I understand correctly there will be a separate scene called “Level complete” that will show the score, right?
Because your are working with different scenes you could use global variables to store the answers of the player. Global variables - GDevelop documentation

When the player answers the question you can change the corresponding global variable.

In your “Level Complete” scene you can check this global variables to show the player the score.

I don’t think I can help you more than this general information, because it will depend on the details of your game. But I hope I managed to be clear.

hello raesteriko, thank you for this info, level complete scene has been done, but can i ask for one more assistance?, i want to make the button stays when answering the question

to be more specific: there are four buttons, when the player clicks the wrong button, the button the player clicks will turn red and the other incorrect buttons will fade, meanwhile the correct button will turn green, informing the player that is the correct button

do you know how to make this thing?

thankyouu in advancee

If you want to use a different scene, remember which button is still there in a global variable, an create that button in the new scene.

Otherwise, you can stay in the same scene, destroy every objects you don’t need anymore, and create those you need for your level complete animation.

I don’t know if I understand what do you mean with “stays” :thinking:. Stays through the scenes? Or your question is just about the effect of making the button green, red and invisible according to the answers?

This is a complicated question to answer because you can make it in so many ways and I can’t make it for you. Answering again in general, I think you could create a variable that specifies which question the player is answering and use that to specify which is the right and wrong answer through events. When the player advances to the new question add 1 to this variable and create events based on it with this new value to specify the right and wrong answers again.

About the colors of buttons you can use: the “tint” action for sprites; or make different animations; or use some effect on the object.

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ohh sure suree thankyou so much Rasterisko!!