Light effects not showing when playing game on Windows 7 computer

Hi guys,

I just finished my “Blue Critter Adventure” game. Now I’m playtesting - when testing the game on a Windows 7 computer the game looked very bland, the lights I have in all levels had disappeared and the colors looked subdued, there were also strange stripes visible on some places…
Anything that can be done or do I have to include in the specs that it can only be payed properly on WIndows 10 machines?

Check the graphic card to see if fit the GD requirements. PLus Windows 7 is ended right now so, is impossible to warranty full compatibility.

Ok, thank you. Do you know whether light effects are not showing up on other systems, either (Mac, Linux)?

They should display fine as long as the OS, graphics card and graphics card driver releases are still supported.

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Is there a list of all system requirements for GD games? I have searched the documentation but couldn’t find it.

Thank you, that helps!