Light rendering seems broken

The light flickers on this corner. (it may be hard to see)
Using the light debugger, it seems that the bottom-left light ray is sometimes reflected off the vertex of the wall - for some reason the right light ray doesn’t.

(seen here)


this is what the right side does instead


Yeah, it’s really hard to see.

For anyone looking, the image is a .gif, there is a very faint red moving shadow in the image.

@MashyZ , please redo the .gif, with better lighting contrast so it’s very apparent what’s happening. And are you dragging the light source around? Its nigh on impossible to tell what’s going on with the light source. Maybe explain what you are doing?

Sorry, I didn’t realize how transparent it was.
Issue (2)
Here is the updated version- notice how on the left side it works perfectly fine. The light source also does move depending on where the mouse is.