Lil Bub - financed

Congratulation! Your game has successfully been funded:

Have you thought about creating a work in progress thread here on the forum?
Seeing a high quality game could maybe draw some more developers here.

Yes it’s a great news for GDevelop, and for Lil Bud :stuck_out_tongue:

Great news! I think there was a great acceleration (greater than usual) on the last days! :mrgreen:

:slight_smile: Good work ! And good luck 4ian !

WoW 148.003$ really awesome!

Now that you reached the 140.000$ stretch goal “WiiU version of the game” are you still going to develop the game with GDevelop?
Afaik you need a license from Nintendo + their proprietary DevKit to make games for their cosoles. I guess integrating this into GD would be a huge efford with little gain to the engine / hobbyist community.
Another question:
The Kickstarter page mentiones the game will be available for PC (besides other OSes), does this include Linux?

There is the Nintendo Web Framework that allows developers to create applications for the Wii U using HTML5, CSS and JS. So, as GDevelop already exports in HTML5, I think it’s already possible.