Limit intrestial adds

I have interstial adds in my game, but i want to limit them to a scene,they are intermingling with my game play , there is no option in gdevelop to hide or not show them ???///

my scene example if you click something you will be transferred to a scene where interstial add,then you will move to next scene with pressing on an object , i just want to limit its display to one scene how can i???

Unless I’m mistaken, it’s up to you to trigger the interstitial using an action, so you can just add conditions to only launch the action when you want to, maybe using a variable to count the number of times it’s done.

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thanks a lot but there is no option of remove/hide interstitial like for banners or video reward,

also there is no invert option in load interstitial or show interstitial either, i will look for counter option,thanks anyway