Limiting the badguys attack on the player

Ok I can get the badguy to goto my player and get it not to overlap my play but what I have a problem with is getting it to backoff after the initial contact before re toughing my player. I have a sound that plays when theirs contact but because it happens so fast the sound is played to quick and it drains the life to quickly. Is their a way to make the badguy simply pause for maybe 0.1 seconds before coming back at my player? Or maybe even have him bounce backwards say 5 pixels ?
The only thing I could seem to get any type of positive result was using “Do +Random(10); +Random(10) to the position of Bad2”
This seems to work, but Id like to have control over what it does. Plus I worry this may cause and undesirable effect like it getting stuck maybe on a object.

Maybe you can put a delay variable in the enemies, so they can attack every X seconds, as in almost every game.
Here is an explanation about instance-timer-variables: [url]multiple spawned bots but only one shoots - #2 by Lizard-13]