Limiting top down enemy to small movements

I’m making a top down game which as usual has an enemy moving towards a player.

What I’m wanting to do is make each enemy move in steps eg 1st enemy move 50px towards the player then the 2nd enemy moves 50px towards the player, and so on, then repeat the process from the start.

I cannot for the life of me think how to achieve this, any ideas?

How many enemies are we talking about? How are you currently moving them?

I would use a timer and an object variable. I can create actual events or explain further but right now I’m on my phone.

Scene Timer delay ≥ delayTime
boolean variable of enemy moved is false
Pick random enemy

Actions and subevents
Move enemy
Set boolean moved of enemy to true
Start/reset timer delay
If all moved booleans of enemy object = true then set them all to false and start all over again.

Pick nearest object could be used instead of random or an object variable like ID could be used and you could use another variable to go through them one by one in order.