Link and unlink problem

How to use the link and unlink event? And where to use it? Can you please tell me?
And what is the difference between the cursor or touch is on: accurate? Yes no

As far as linking:

Linking is a way to connect multiple objects behind the scene. A good use case for this would be if you want to display healthbars for every enemy.

Let’s say you have 10 zombies, and they each have a health bar. Either you have to do a bunch of advanced variable work to link each zombie with an ID and a healthbar with that same ID, OR you can start the scene with a “For each zombie” event, an “Create healthbar at Zombie.X()/Zombie.Y()” action, immediately followed by a “Link healthbar to zombie”

Then you have a seaparate event with “Take into account each healthbar linked to zombie” as the condition, and then an action to update the Healthbar.X() to match the Zombie.X()

Each healthbar will automatically move to their linked zombie, so you have way less events/less complex events to deal with.

Unlinking breaks that link.

Can’t speak to the cursor question, though.


Thank You for your help…

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