Linking 3d particles to an object correctly?

Hi, guys. This 3d particle emitter should be linked to a player mesh. I’m using Put around a point action for this. But the emitter moving is not synchronized with player’s moving so u can see a delay. I’ve tried different order of these events from the screenshot moving camera action up and down but nothing changed. Any thoughts how to fix it in any way?

Position particle_muzzle after you have done all the player and camera repositioning and moving - make it the last action, not the first one.

Otherwise you are placing the particles_muzzle object in the old position and then moving the gun to the new position.

As i said i’ve tried this already. I’ve tried different orders. Unfortunatelly it doesnt work. I can’t believe noone solved this problem before because it have been existing since this 3d particles extension appeared in the store for the first time. The extension creates new classes and maybe the particles uses any custom separate render?

For example, if i put any mesh object this way its position is synchronized with a player’s position correctly. While the problem exists for the particle object only.