Linking instances together, rather than objects, possible?

I was hoping to link several instances of a “hitbox” object to a character, and also link several more instances of the hitbox to enemies, and link them all such that when the player or enemy moves, I just need to take into account linked objects and the instances are taken care of. Is this possible, or will I need to create an object for the player hitboxes and an object for the enemy hitboxes, then link them separately? I feel like I will have an easier time with linking instances directly.

You can link specific instances, otherwise the link automatism would be useless :wink:
When you use the action “Link all Hitbox with Enemy”, GD will link every “active” Hitbox with the “active” Enemy. With active I mean the objects taken into account by the event and parent events conditions.
For example if you add a variable “player” = 1 to some Hitbox, and then do:

Conditions: Variable "player" of Hitbox is = 1 Actions: Link all Hitbox with Player
It will link only the Hitbox objects with the variable “player” = 1 to every Player object :slight_smile:

I see now, so each instance can have a variable stating what other instances it may belong to. I really appreciate the info!

Yes, but doing it with variables is just an example, you can use any condition to taking into accout the instances you want, for example:

For each object Enemy: Conditions: The distance between Hitbox and Enemy is < 100 Actions: Link Hitbox and Enemy
This code will link every Enemy object with the nearby Hitbox objects (at a distance below 100 pixels to the Enemy) :slight_smile: