Linux Support Question

Hello, I am darkhog, as you probably can see :wink: . I have question - on your main site you advertising GD with text “is the only tool which can compile games for linux”. Or something like that. I have question: Is there any linux version of GD, is GD running smothly on Wine or Linux support is only for exporter?

The linux version of GD has currently some problems ( like the keyboard which is unusable in the scene editor ), that’s why it is not publicly released.
However, there is a test version of GD. I have just posted a topic about it : viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1508

No, as far as I know. The “native” linux version, even if it has some problems, is running better than the “wine” version.

Currently, the linux support is only effective for compilation, but I hope I will be able to release a linux version.

Did you think about GPLing GD? More developers=faster work=fixing linux version more soon.

And I check this topic if it isn’t in French. There are many people from Poland in France, but I don’t speak french :wink:

And remember when you’re about to give up, say to yourself “there is no impossible things, there is only lack of skills”. It really helps.

Oh, and is GD more like The Games Factory/Multimedia Fusion or more like Game Maker, because I really hate GM for it’s [size=30]fucked [/size]screwed up interface

Indeed, but I’m afraid of something like : GPLing GD = Copy of the software by simply renaming it in a proprietary software sold at a price of 275€, for instance.
Maybe it is quite stupid, but it has already happened for some software, like AutoIt :

The probability for Game Develop to be released in GPL is nevertheless not null. If, one day, I’m unable to maintain it, I will release the software as open source.

Did you even heard about someone trying rebrand and sell Gimp or Blender or OpenOffice? There are GPL software. I am not license specialist, but go to some linux forums and ask - they should vanish your doubts.