Little question about Time

Can I use partial seconds, as in 0.75, 0.5, 0.2, etc.
Tests seem to show it to be a No. Attempts always seem to have the in-game actions be 1 second apart, unless I’m missing something or doing it wrong.

What do you mean? Are you referrng to timers, DeltaTime or something else?

Yes, Timers. The ones that say ‘The Timer “…”…’ and ‘Start (or reset) the timer…’

Would be nice if I could have the player perform a certain action more often than one second apart.

I also downloaded the ‘Repeat Timer’ add-on function, but haven’t used it much yet.

The condition that checks whehter the time is greater than a particular value does take parts of seconds. What do your events look like?

Nvm, when I checked on my events, I forgot to re-set a timer to use a variable. :confounded: Thanks, anyways!