Loading a GIF dynamically

How do I…

Load a GIF dynamically? I know that you can not load it “fixed” as sprite for example.
But i was wondering why i can not load it into an existing sprite.

What is the expected result

I made an API endpoint that load a path to an image.
If i use PNG, it works. With GIF not.

What is the actual result

Image is not loaded into the sprite.

I do not want to convert the GIF to a video file or similar.
It would be awesome if someone could confirm that GIF really does NOT work in any way to be included into gDevelop.

Thanks in advance and have a great week all of you!

Gif are not supported as a resource in the engine.

The closest you can do is manually import it into piskel, which will split it into individual png frames. Piskel is only a bundled editor usable in the scene editor and doesn’t exist at runtime, though.

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