Loading Arrays

So, I’m still barely wrapping my head around both saving and loading, along with working with GDevelop’s array workarounds. I find it annoying that I can only save data that has been read into scene variables, not global ones, so I simply did something like:

[ Read “X” from file “Save” and store value in X ]
[ Do =Variable(X) to global variable X ]

Now, that works fine, but only if the variable isn’t an ARRAY (isn’t a structure, doesn’t have children). When I do:

[ Do =Variable(ArrayX) to global variable ArrayX ]

…nothing happens? It seems that all the children variables aren’t copied over like I thought it would. Heck, that might mean that I’m not actually saving the array properly if I do:

[ Write =Variable(ArrayX) to “ArrayX” of file “Save” ]

So what I want to know is:

  1. How do I copy the child variables of a structure into another variable?
  2. How do I save/load an array variable from a file and put it into a variable?