Loading images for objects

Is there any way to control images loading for specific group of objects at a particular moment?
Project is a wanabe Shin Megami Tensei/ Wizardry first persone dungeon crawler. Screen resolution - 960x540. Dungeon is actually 2D images switching each other when moving. Only one 960x540 object on the screen at the time, two objects during transitions. After transition is over, previous object is destroyed.
If I set “Always loaded in memory” attribute to “No” in images bank, the game engine load images for created object dynamicly. It takes about second to do this and it freezes the game each time.
If I set to “Yes”, well, engine load all images in memory and they stay there all the time, even if objects not used in the scene, but the game goes smooth.
What I want, is to load all images for objects used in the scene or in the part of this scene and then load images for portions of the objects during door transitions. The game should go smooth and won’t rape memory. Something like that.

Sorry for broken english.

The game is not going to “rape memory” anyway. :astonished: Modern computers have huge amounts of memory.

What if I am a Bethesda-dude and I want my game be able to run on old fashion Pentium? Just jokin’.

Well, anyway, to preload all graphics in memory it takes around a minute. It’s 7.05 megabyte of 120 grey pictures for 30 tiles of single map. Colourless and not animated, just static images. Like this → drive.google.com/file/d/0B43M5L … sp=sharing
And I think it’s not a good way to keep in memory all unused images of all animated objects from all floors of all dungeons in the game. And it’s gonna take for hours to load.

What are the specs on your computer?

Intel Core i3-2367m
Nvidia GeForse GT 620M (1Gb)
Intel HD Graphics 3000 (1.5Gb)

Also I already figured out what should do the trick.