Loading RuntimeScene from a scene..... "Platform".ERROR: Un

When pruevo desktop preview does not work, I have to try it 3 or 4 times so you can work gives me this error

Loading RuntimeScene from a scene…ERROR: Unable to create shared data for automatism “Platform”.ERROR: Unable to create shared data for automatism “PlatformerObject”… Done.

ArchLinux 64bits

Can we have your game (gdg file + images) ?
(the errors you show shouldn’t prevent the preview to run)


I don’t have any problem to preview your game. Do you have the lastest GDevelop version ? (3.6.80)

I have the latest version, use repos gdevelop

This error message should not prevent you from previewing your game. What happens exactly ?

if I may see the preview, but it does not work any more, not the character moves, as if it froze, I have to give it 4 or 5 times a preview for it to function properly

Have you fixed your previous problem (with the invalid PNG images) ?

If PNG, and I corrected yet, I Siguo with the problem that freezes in the desktop preview

I understand you have to use google translate to write in English, but please pay attention to how you are writing in Spanish, by the way, the translator usually warns you about that :wink:
[spoiler]Entiendo que tengas que usar el traductor de google para escribir en inglés, pero por favor presta atención a como escribes en español, el traductor suele advertirte de errores como este :wink:[/spoiler]