Local iFrame in gDevelop


I have found the iframe extension and it seems perfect for what I need. (Am I correct that do extensions often not allow you to create objects using the UI, and instead you have to do it with code in the “At beginning of scene” event?)

I would like to put some html content in the same folder as my gdevelop game and then be able to load a screen that has an iframe whose URL is either “info.html” or “assets/info.html” but neither of these work (yes, the file is in that location).

I’d like this to work on mobile btw.

Is there a call to get a gdevelop games location on disk, because then I might be able to construct a file:/// url (would that work?).

I don’t want the iframe to be https because I’d like this game to eventually to be able to be downloaded and used offline and access the info without requiring a connection.


Ah… so if I export my game (with the info.html) in the same folder as my game… and load the game from localhost… The iframe displays as expected. I put JS in there that reads the search params and displays them, and they work too.

So it seems this “can” work, but only when being served from a webserver.

Thing is, I’d like the “info.html” to show and hide different bits of its content based on the user’s details … I guess this would still work… but just means I can’t see how this the info would display whilst in gDevelop.

I think this solved unless anyone has a clever workaround to be able to preview a local iframe in gDevelop?.