Locked object moving

as the title says and as you see in the gif
Locked objects is moving using the arrows (Keyboard)
its only locked for the mouse but not locked for the keyboard arrows,
not sure if this is a bug or not, but it doesn’t seems normal,
Locked objects should never move in my opinion.


I agree with you, the behavior should be the same for mouse drag and keyboard movements.

I will have a look, I feel like it shouldn’t be hard to fix, but we never know.

Ok got it @tristanrhodes @VegeTato.
Got a question for you though: What do you think should be the correct behavior when multiple instances are selected but only a few are locked? Prevent any change or change only unlocked instances?

From what I see, when you want to delete a selection, it deletes only the instances that are not locked. So we could have the same behavior

Maybe this could make a popup appear “You have selected locked objects! Move anyways?” And if they select yes, they can move it around with the rest, otherwise movement is canceled and they can go deselect the unintentionally selected objects before moving the rest.

i would say it should change the unlocked instances only, exactly the same as the delete behave, locked instances cant be deleted and unlocked instances will get deleted, so yes the movement and delete locked instances should behave the same

i disagree with this, we lock the objects so we can never interact with them later on even if they are selected,
so in the first place locked objects should not move (and that’s how we expect it to behave),
so making a popup every time you want to move a locked object is not a good thing to have in my opinion

I’ve tried on Figma to see what they do.

When an object is locked, it’s not even selectable (we do things differently). But even if I select it from the hierarchy on the left, along with unlocked objects, if I move the objects (with the mouse or with the arrow keys), only the unlocked objects are moving.

So I reckon we should do the same as we do for deletion:

  • if you’re unlocked, you can be deleted, moved with the mouse, moved with the arrow keys.
  • if you’re locked, you can’t be deleted (ok), you can’t be moved with the mouse (ok), you can’t be moved with the arrow keys (to be fixed)

Here is the fix: Fix: Only move unlocked instances when using keyboard in the scene editor by AlexandreSi · Pull Request #3514 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

It will available in the next release.
Thank you for taking the time to report it!


Yes, this sounds perfect.

Thanks, @alexandresi for the fix, and @VegeTato for the report!