Logic interferes with accessing created object

I have been noticing with some weird behaviour, so I finally made a single-event game which demonstrates the problem. If there is no logic condition, newly created objects have their own animation. With a logic condition all objects change their animation number simultaneously.

I am using the latest version. Might be related to [FIXED] Issues with creating an object at per-animation point


Hello, in general we will not download projects to review unless necessary to avoid bad actors/malicious code.

Can you provide a screenshot of the events in question, along with what you are seeing upon preview?

That is an image link. I will attempt to upload it to this reply.

“The Number of” condition also acts as an object selection condition. So unfortunately, even though you’re creating an object right before hand, “Change the number of the animation of bullet” applies to all of the existing Bullet objects.

This is by design, although I’m not sure on the specifics on why.

What you could do is two separate events:
One that is “Number of bullet objects => 100” then set a “Createnewbullets” variable = 0.
One that is “Number of bullet objects < 100” then set “Createnewbullets” variable = 1

Then for your create event, remove the number of objects condition, and just have a condition that Createnewbullets = 1.

OIC, thx, this was not something I saw in the wiki.