Long Pressing touch screen does't works (Please Help...! )

Hi all…!

I have a issue look following image

When i long press the left mouse button the value of duration text object incremented as long as i keep pressing that’s ok
but when i test the same thing on my Android Tablet chrome browser then near duration: 20 it automatically stops make duration:0

I have a simple working demo at the following URL

Summary is that
Long pressing touch screen not working on touch devices
[size=150]PLEASE HELP ME OUT…![/size] :neutral_face:

We can’t access your demo to test that problem.

I assume that the “capture.png” is already all the code.

By looking at the given code I would like to know, if adding “at the beginning of the scene” in the condition of line 1 would change the behaviour, because it would “activate full screen” just once and not at every cycle.

I don’t have an android device, so I can’t test it myself.
Please tell us, if that changed anything.

Actually what I get so far is it’s not the issue of code but may be the issue of browser or the android version
After one swipe on the screen the long pressing works

I test many online html5 games on my device the same problem occurs there too
but after one swipe the long pressing works

May be this issue not occurs on modern devices