Looking for up to date tutorials

I’m new to GDevelop. Tried it briefly last year but the UI has changed considerably. Looking for new walkthrough tutorials based on the new UI. Can’t seem to find any. All seem to call for some event/behavior, etc. that isn’t listed the same in the new UI as it was in the older version. I’m a database driven app developer (industry) so game development is not my usual area. Sorry if I posted in the wrong area. Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks.

I think the most up to date tutorials are going to be the official ones over on the youtube channel:

That said, all events (excluding one or two) are still in the system, and can still be selected by searching for their name (navigating to them manually may have changed). Hopefully the intro tutorials on the channel help out.

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Thanks. Yeah. I checked those but I really liked the readable ones as well. Was hoping one of those would work but the first event on the Tank Shooter was already different and I couldn’t find the replacement via search (common to all/angles…something, something.) Ha. Thanks. I’ll just do the platformer one via the video.