Looping Dialogue Help

Hey guys! I’ve been struggling with my game for the last few hours (First time creating a full quest for the game) and I’ve wanted to create a simple looping dialogue. Just two or three different nodes that switches back and forth, giving the player some nice flavor dialogue after the quest is done.

I can tell exactly what my problem is. The moment a yarn dialogue node is done, and I press z to exit the dialogue, I hit all the requirements for the next dialogue node, and essentially the player is trapped in perpetual looping dialogue, back and forth, unable to exit out.

I know the solution is probably something extremely simple, but I’ve been sitting here working on this for a while, and I just CANNOT think of an easy solution. I’m going to use looping dialogue with all my NPCs as flavor text, so I figured asking yall would be the best way to go about it.

Thank you so much in advance!

Disclaimer: I’ve not used the dialogue feature, but I think the issue is the events are in successive order, and each piece of dialogue triggers the conditions for the next dialogue in succession. You might try reversing the order of the events so they won’t trigger in successive order. If that doesn’t fix it you might try setting some condition with an action to “stop running dialogue” - maybe associated to a certain key or variable.