Lost over 10 hours of work

Is there any way to recover files that gd has used in the past? I’ve lost over 10 hours of work and all I did was compile to test a program and all all of the commands stopped working. I then checked the events list to debug it and half of it was gone. I deperately need this work back. Thanks in advance, Blooper. and yes I do have autosaves on, I’ve checked all of them.

GD save .autosave files in the project folder, maybe you can find a more recent version of your game.

He said he checked those. Dunno how to help you. Probably there’s little we can do here. In future, please consider using some backup software and/or version control software. Even dropbox can be used as VC as it saves several previous version of file in case of damage or accidental deletion.

DW about it guys. Its okay now :slight_smile: