Lots of issues to resolve please have a look.

Hi there i wanted to ask a few questions since the main development of my game had finnished but turned into a development hell due issues.

First thing first no matter if you use destroy outside behaviour or create custom borders which i did the game uses up too 1.2gb of memory. I think maybe because of this when the game speeds up the gfx start to pixelate or drawn weirdly
example ;

after the game speeds up ;

is it that the engine can’t cope with big objects when it speeds up ?

Second most big issue is XDk doesn’t cloud compile anymore so either we have to use phonegap or Cordova Cli
Phonegap service is not available for my country so i have setup cordova cli after trying 2 days. But when you export all the setting from xdk and put them into cordova cli folder and compile ;

  1. It ignores XDK settings
  2. It ignores your custom icon which was set in xdk
  3. It ignores your screen orientation settings
  4. It ignores your screen fullscreen settings keeps on showing up the statusbar
  5. So it also will ignore your Admob/Interstitial setting which is a big fluke.
  6. It generates an apk as debug-gamename.apk (Debug must be off)

It seems to me that we need a proper tutorial on the know how about compiling with cordova
otherwise creating hybrid apps is going to be useless unless people know how to get them converted in apk.

I have put a lot of time and sweat into this game and i hate to see it fail just because of these issues someone please have a look and help.

P.s : screenshots of the game if your interested ;


Did you check the size of the image files you are using in your game and did you set them to be loaded all the time or not?

In case you are using huge images and scale them down to the size you need in the editor, I recommend to scale them down in a paint tool instead to be the exact size you need in the game this way you can save memory, and make sure you set images to be loaded all the time only if it used across the whole game, like the player character. GUI…etc. In case something is used only on 1 or 2 level, do not keep them loaded in memory all the time because you just waste memory on them.

I’m afraid I can’t comment on any of your other problems really, except if you having problem with XDK and cordova, you can still try Cocoon.io.

Thanks for the info i really appreciate it but the thing is the game is an endless runner with an canvas of 1000px wide 600px in height. It uses multiple layers which differs from level 2 level some have 5 some 3 ectc. But to have a seamless background i created some background images aswell as props and tiled them which goes lik when you tile it round 600pc height 10000px wide but has a a command like when additional border of backgraound is -1001 delete background don’t know how to do otherwise. If i add destroy outside behaviour directly to background scroll images it takes 0 as default deleting point and so the background gets deleted instantly. And i use big images lik 400x400 or 512x512 to get the fidelity. The scrolling backgrounds are the only manually deleted objects that don’t use the destroy outside behaviour. As for cocoonjs it is horrible. Have you sir managed to get around corvoda cli? Oh p.s. how do you unload a image from memory ? Each level has it’s own graphic pack set so not all images are present in all levels they all are different.

Thanks and regards,


You can set an image to be loaded in memory all the time or not in the image bank. It is set to No by default I believe, if you have not changed it, it is unlikely the problem.

I don’t have much experience with cordova, I’m really can’t help you with that, last time I tried (years ago) cocoon was brilliant I don’t know about it now…

I have never done an endless runner, but if I would ever try to make one probably I would attempt to create the level on the fly instead of creating a huge,long level in the editor. I would design bits of the level as external layout and create them in the scene in front of the player as and when needed.
To delete objects outside the screen, what I would try in case of an endless runner is check distance and position from player.
If distance is greater then let say 700px and position on the X axis is < then player X position then probably it is behind the player and outside the screen (depends on the resolution of course) and delete the object.

But I’m not sure how bad would it be for performance especially on mobile, as I mentioned I have never tried to make an endless runner so what I’m saying maybe completely useless.
I hope someone else can give you a better solution.

Thank you very much for your help.