Machine learning/Neural Networks

Is it possible to make a neural network or machine learning AI in gdevelop? Does anyone know how this would be done?

You surely can’t do it with events. I am not sure at all, But using tensorflow and javascript could be possible?


Is there anything about events that makes it inherently impossible? Or would it just be too difficult and tedious

Their isn’t a way to do ML using events as it is not a feature in GDevelop and is not supported. If you want to use events, you will have to make them using javascript. At that point it will be easier to use javascript directly


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yeah, but if i cannot program in javascript, i can still make some neural network and train it?

If you cannot program at all, there is nothing in the engine that is going to help you build a neural network of any kind, nor machine learning of any kind.

That said, just because there’s nothing in the engine for it doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Just note that no one will be able to give you guidance on this as that is not what game engines are for, nor anything someone has done with GDevelop before.

Folks may still be able to answer general questions on the engine, but in most cases you will have to figure out the majority of your logic and methods from scratch.

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yeah but mybe someone more skilled gonna take this as a challenge and try to build one